Readily available information

The Royal Borough of Greenwich's publication scheme is a list of documents and information that we routinely publish.

This information is readily available from our offices, and much of this information is also available on this website.

What is the publication scheme for?

The publication scheme makes sure that a significant amount of information is easily accessible to you, without you having to make a specific request under the Freedom of Information Act. You can contact us if you have any comments or complaints about the publication scheme, or if you require additional copies in different formats. All of our publications are subject to the Royal Borough's copyright rules.

Accessing information

Most of the information about the following subject areas (and how to obtain further information) are available on this website. You can use the website's search function or A to Z to find the information.

If the information you need is not available on the website, please direct your information request to the Freedom of Information team.

Information available on this website includes:

Who we are and what we do

What we spend and how we spend it

Our priorities and how we are doing

How we make decisions

Our policies and procedures for...

Lists and registers

The services we offer