We keep building control records for up to 15 years. Our records include:

  • approved/accepted proposals and design principles
  • records of any works carried out by professional consultants on behalf of the building control service
  • records of consultations
  • records of site inspections
  • client designer and contractor details
  • certificates and notices including completion certificates

Where the work has been completed, and a completion certificate has already been issued, a charge is payable before a duplicate completion certificate can be released.  Additional charges will apply if a site inspection is required to issue the completion certificate.

We may not be able to issue or reissue completion certificates or other information for applications over 15 years old.  We may be able to confirm that the work appears to have been satisfactorily carried out in accordance with the regulations applicable at that time.  A non-refundable charge will be applied for this service.  You may wish to engage a chartered surveyor to undertake a survey of the property to ensure that you or your clients interests are safeguarded.

Search our records

Search our building control archive

If you cannot find the information you’re looking for, we can help carry out a search. To do this, we will need a signed written request from either:

  • the property owner
  • a firm of solicitors made on company headed paper

Email: building.control@royalgreenwich.gov.uk and submit your request as a PDF email attachment.

For searches of the local land charges register and CON29 searches, email: searches@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

Non-refundable charges apply. Read the Building Control guidance notes and charges information.