The Royal Borough of Greenwich uses the London Tenders portal, which is hosted by Proactis as its eProcurement system to bring buyers and suppliers together electronically. Therefore, making it easier to communicate business opportunities for the benefit of our local economy.

Royal Greenwich publishes its register of contracts on the London Tenders portal. The list includes contracts for goods, works and services over £100,000.

We also publish contracts or single payments for the supply of goods or services over £5,000 under our transparency and open data. 

Visit the Contracts Register

Details publicly available are:

  • Letting Organisation: The Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • title of the contract
  • type of contract: renewable or 'period' contract framework
  • categories (the type of service, for example highways maintenance, printing)
  • start date
  • expiry date
  • duration
  • supplier name
  • department responsible.

Access to information readily available does not affect statutory rights.