What to do with cremated remains

Cremated remains can be buried in the garden of remembrance or collected.

If you’re not sure what to do at the time of the funeral, we can keep cremated remains for three months.


Cremated remains can be buried in the garden of remembrance in an allocated bed. The garden provides an area for peaceful contemplation and features include a rose garden, ornamental pond, lawns, plants and shrubs.

Burial appointments are available Monday to Sunday, 10am to 2.30pm.

We accept cremated remains from other crematoria. There's a registration fee of £51, and we need the original certificate of cremation. We're not able to accept remains without this certificate. We'll register the details of the deceased before the burial appointment.

If you'd like to apply for a cremated remains plot in a Royal Borough of Greenwich cemetery please contact Cemetery Services.


Cremated remains are available for collection the following working day from 1pm and can be collected from the crematorium office Monday to Friday during office opening hours.

Remains can only be collected by the applicant or a named representative.

We'll issue a certificate of cremation which you need for a burial elsewhere.

You must get permission from the local authority or landowner before you scatter or bury the remains.

Memorial niche

Within the memorial courts there is an area that has been specially created for a series of memorial niches. Each niche can contain two caskets.

Find out more about memorial niches