Arrange a service

The crematorium remains open for funeral services, with the grounds and cemetery open for visitors every day as per the opening times below:

  • 1 October to 31 March – 9am to 4pm
  • 1 April to 30 September – 9am to 7pm
  • ALL Bank Holidays – 9am to 4pm

All services have been reduced to 40 minutes (from 45 minutes) to allow sufficient cleaning time between each service.

There are two non-denominational chapels located at Eltham Crematorium:

  • West Chapel, with seating for 72
  • North Chapel, with seating for 100 

Both chapels have designated seating areas for vulnerable or high-risk mourners. Please notify your funeral director any attendees at your service require this area.

Standing is allowed, however, we will continue to monitor this to ensure overcrowding does not take place. Excess mourners are requested to remain outside the chapel entrance and all attendees are asked to scan the QR code adjacent to the chapel entrance.

We reccommend that visitors should wear face coverings when in the chapels and adjacent buildings.

Those who are experiencing coronavirus symptoms must not attend.

We ask everyone to follow hand hygiene before entering our chapels and give those who are clinically vulnerable or at high risk priority to the designated seating area.

Hand washing facilities and toilets are available for you to maintain your hand hygiene when visiting our crematorium.

Before and after each service, staff will clean and disinfect the area where the service has taken place, as well as frequently touched surfaces to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 

Eltham Crematorium has two non-denominational chapels which can conduct the service.

You may choose to arrange your own service elsewhere, and simply have a brief committal ceremony at the crematorium.

The chapel is booked for 45 minutes, which allows approximately 30 minutes for the service. If you require more time, the service can be extended for an additional fee. This must be arranged at the time of booking the funeral.

West Chapel, Eltham Crematorium

West Chapel, Eltham Crematorium

We also offer a shorter funeral at the beginning of the day at a reduced fee. The chapel is booked for 30 minutes allowing approximately 20 minutes for the service.

Cremation fees

Music during the service

Most people choose to have music as part of their funeral arrangements.

You'll need to discuss your particular music requirements with your funeral director at least 48 hours before the funeral.

We can offer you a selection of recorded music - search online - the password is: elthamcrematorium

For an additional fee you can also choose to have a live webcast of the service, a service recording or a visual tribute. These options must be requested via your funeral director at least 72 hours prior to the service.

Witnessing the charge

For services scheduled before 3pm arrangements can be made for a small number of mourners to view the coffin being placed into the cremator following the service.

Floral tributes

There will be an allocated tribute stand in the cloister. Floral tributes for services that take place Monday to Wednesday will be removed from the cloisters before opening on the following Monday. Floral tributes for services Thursday – Friday will be removed from the cloisters before opening on the following Wednesday.

Last updated: 8 October 2021.