Arrange a service

Any kind of funeral service may be conducted at the crematorium chapels, which can be booked in blocks of half an hour. Anyone you choose can conduct the service.

You may also choose to arrange your own service elsewhere, and simply have a brief committal ceremony at the crematorium.

We'll be happy to arrange an accompanied visit to our facilities. Contact our staff to make arrangements.

Music during the service

Most people choose to have music as part of their funeral arrangements.

You'll need to discuss your particular music requirements with your funeral director at least 48 hours before the funeral.

We can offer you an organist or a selection of recorded music.

View the musical scores available

View the recorded music library for Eltham Crematorium on the Wesley Music website

Your funeral director can help with requests for music that isn't in our library.

Floral tributes

Services that take place on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be removed from the Cloisters before opening on the following Monday (the last day to view will be on the Sunday).

Services that take place on a Thursday and Friday will be removed from the Cloisters before opening on the following Wednesday (the last day to view will be on the Tuesday).

There is also a flower pavilion with a purpose-built display area for floral tributes.

There are vases available, as well as an arrangement area with fresh water and waste bins. Flowers will be removed as they become wilted.

Floral tributes placed on to beds in The Garden of Remembrance will be cleared and disposed of every Thursday morning. The exceptions being special occasions, for example, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Remembrance Sunday and the Christmas period, when they won't be removed in the week before these days.