Bins and waste collections for flats

If you live in a block of flats, recycling and waste collections are provided using large shared bins located either in the communal bin store or in the grounds close to the flats. Large blue bins are provided for mixed dry recycling. Large silver or black bins are provided for general waste, or you may have a chute system. We are only able to offer a separate food waste collection to blocks of flats with internal storage that residents can access.

Not all flats can have bins, such as those above shops or within converted houses, and so you may have a sack-only collection service instead. We can provide free clear recycling sacks to people living in properties like this, but you will need to buy your own black sacks. 

Recycling sacks must be left out on the pavement outside your property at 6:00am on the day of collection. Black sacks of general waste must be placed out at 11:00am. To avoid the sacks being split open by animals, please don't put them outside the night before.

We can also provide free clear recycling sacks to people living in blocks of flats where the recycling bins have been withdrawn because of contamination. 

Requests for sacks or extra bins

If you live in a flat and would like sacks or extra bins, please contact our Contact Centre on 020 8921 4661 or email Some requests may be subject to an assessment, and we need the permission of the block manager before we can provide more communal containers.  

If you live in a privately managed block that needs extra bins, please contact your managing agent first as they will need to speak us directly.

If you live in a council block, we will need to speak with our colleagues in the housing department before providing additional bins. 

Please bear in mind that our services have been impacted by COVID-19 and we are working hard to maintain regular collections. It is possible there has been a delay in us emptying the bins at your block, so it may not be that you need additional ones.

You can help us by trying to minimise what you throw away and if you can, keep your waste and recycling in your flat until a collection has been made. You can also visit our Reuse and Recycling Centre if you have extra waste and recycling.