If you live in a block of flats, recycling and waste collections are usually from shared bins located either in the communal bin store or in the grounds close to the flats. 

The caretaker, management company or our collection teams will let us know if replacement bins are needed.

Flats above another property (such as a shop)

You may not have enough space for wheeled bins and may have sack collections instead. If so, you will need to leave your black waste sacks outside your flat on the footpath on your collection day before 11am.

To avoid the sacks being split open by animals, don't put them outside the night before.


We collect mixed dry recycling from clear sacks. You can order sacks for free from us.

Please leave your clear sacks out for collection by 6am on your designated collection day. 

Food and garden waste

Unfortunately, food and garden waste (green service) collections are generally not available to flats above another property.