We will not collect extra bags of general waste not contained in your black top bin.

If you cannot have bins and you only use bags, we will collect a maximum of three bags of general waste per week.

Items to put in your black bin 

Check where to recycle, donate or get rid of items if you're not sure if it can be recycled or re-used. 

Use the black bin for non recyclable items like: 

  • disposable nappies 
  • tissues, kitchen roll and wipes 
  • menstrual and incontinence pads, bag these 
  • polystyrene packaging 
  • cat or dog waste including cat litter – double bag these 
  • broken crockery and glass – wrap these to avoid injury 
  • cigarette ends and ash from ashtrays 
  • coal and wood ash – once cool 
  • cotton wool pads, earbuds and make up wipes 
  • waste from your vacuum cleaner 

See a full list of what can go in your black top bin

Do not use your black bin for: 

  • building materials 
  • paint or chemicals 
  • electrical items 
  • textiles 
  • large items like fridges 
  • all batteries 

Get rid of items that cannot go in your bins

For items that cannot go in your bin you may be able to: