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Updated 1 December

Our crews are working hard to ensure you receive a weekly collection for all of your bins. However, there may be times during the next few months where we are not able to get to you on your normal collection day, so your road may be missed. This is because we are dealing with fluctuating staffing numbers, which impacts the amount of rounds we can send each day.

If you've noticed that all of the waste and/or recycling in your street hasn’t been collected, it's likely the crew is running behind schedule and we will catch up as soon as we can. You don’t need to report this to us. We will know what hasn’t been completed and will get back to your bins by the end of the week (including the weekend).

Please note: The collection schedules are for house collections only. If you live in an apartment or estate, these schedules will not be relevant - check with the caretaker or management company.

During bank holidays there may be some changes to bin collection days. Find out the latest changes here.

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Collection times

  • Please put all bins out on the public highway by the boundary of your property.
  • All bins should be out by 6:00am on day of collection.
  • Return all bins to the boundary of your property after they have been emptied.
  • Please be aware that during Bank Holidays there may be some changes to your collections day.
  • If you are unable to move your bins, we can help if you have a physical impairment, medical condition or disability and no one in your household can move your bins or sacks for you.
  • If you have sacks instead of bins, put them out on collection day and not the night before to prevent the sacks being split open by animals.

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