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We empty wheelie bins weekly. Most households will have all three bins (green, blue and black) collected on the same day.

Please note: The collection schedules are for house collections only. If you live in an apartment or estate, these schedules will not be relevant - check with the caretaker or management company.

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Collection times

  • Please put all bins out on the public highway by the boundary of your property.
  • All bins should be out by 6:00am on day of collection.
  • Return all bins to the boundary of your property after they have been emptied.
  • Please be aware that during Bank Holidays there may be some changes to your collections day.
  • If you are unable to move your bins, we can help if you have a physical impairment, medical condition or disability and no one in your household can move your bins or sacks for you.
  • If you have sacks instead of bins, put them out on collection day and not the night before to prevent the sacks being split open by animals.

Take part in our rubbish bin collection consultation!

We want to hear your views on our three different proposals for changes to your rubbish bin collections. Recycling is a big focus for the Council and we hope each of these proposals will help you to recycle more.

View our proposals and have your say!

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