We’ll compost the food and garden waste from your green top bin. This costs less and is better for the environment.  

Food waste

Use your green bin for cooked and uncooked food like: 

  • fruit and vegetables 
  • meat, fish and bones 
  • plate scrapings 
  • rice, pasta and bread 
  • tea bags and coffee grounds  

Get tips on how to reduce food waste on the Love Food Hate Waste website 

View our leaflet to find out what to put in your green top bin

Get a kitchen caddy 

You can use a 6-litre kitchen caddy to put your food waste in before you put it in your green bin. 

If you do not have one, you can order one free kitchen caddy online. 

You can order paper and corn starch sacks for food waste.  

Order bins, bags or sacks

Do not use plastic bags. Only use bags with the ‘compostable’ logo. Logo of a green seedling growing with 'compostable' is written underneath

Garden waste 

You should also use your green bin for garden waste like: 

  • grass, hedge and shrub cuttings 
  • leaves and weeds 
  • plants and flowers 
  • straw, hay and sawdust 
  • tree bark and small branches
  • waste from pets that only eat plants; for example, animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters 

What not to put in your green bin 

We cannot accept:  

  • plastic bin liners, bags or sacks 
  • biodegradable or degradable bags or sacks  
  • compostable packaging as we cannot tell if these can be composted  

You can buy equipment to compost items at home from the Get Composting website 

Use our A-Z list to check where to recycle, donate or get rid of items