Missed collections

Due to operational challenges today (1 July 2019), we will be unable to service the following roads to empty blue bins:

  • Ashburnham Grove
  • Ashburnham Place
  • Bardsley Lane
  • Barque Mews
  • Basevi Way
  • Benbow Street
  • Berthon Street
  • Blackheath Road
  • Brig Mews
  • Bruford Court
  • Burgos Grove
  • Caravel Mews
  • Carrick Mews
  • Catherine Grove
  • Churchfields
  • Creek Road
  • Creekside
  • Crosslet Vale
  • David Mews
  • Deptford Green
  • Devonshire Drive
  • Egerton Drive
  • Frigate Mews
  • Glaisher Street
  • Greenwich Church Street
  • Greenwich High Road
  • Greenwich South Street
  • Guildford Grove
  • Haddo Street
  • Henrietta Close
  • Langdale Road
  • Lindsell Street
  • Little Cottage Place
  • Little Thames Walk
  • Mcmillan Street
  • Old Pearson Street
  • Plumbridge Street
  • Randall Place
  • Roan Street
  • St Alfege
  • Stowage
  • Watergate Street
  • Wharf Street.

Please leave your bins out and we will attend tomorrow (2 July 2019) to empty them.  Thank you for your patience.

In the event of severe cold weather, icy conditions and/or heavy snow which cause disruption to bin collections, street cleansing and other services, we will update you with further information.

If you've noticed that all of the waste and/or recycling in your street has been missed, it's likely the crew is running behind schedule and hasn't reached your road yet.

If it's just your bin that's been missed, report it to us. We aim to collect missed bins within one working day.

Report a missed bin collection

Red tags

If a red tag has been placed on one of your recycling bins or sacks, it means that it contains items that aren't recycled as part of that service - for example:

  • food waste in your blue-top bin
  • plastic carrier bags in your green-top bin.

The tag has been put there to inform you that:

  • you have put the wrong waste in the bin or sack
  • it needs to be emptied by the Black service.

If you keep getting red tags on your recycling bins or sacks we may have to withdraw the service.