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You can order a range of items online including:

  • paper sacks - for food waste
  • corn starch sacks - for food waste

Corn starch bags last three to six months before they start to break down. Make sure you use your bags within this time.

There is £1.90 delivery charge for all orders.

You can also order a wheelie bin if yours is lost, stolen or damaged. 

Order bins, bags or sacks

Cost of paper and corn starch bags

Item and number per pack Price
25 cornstarch bags - 50 litres £7.30
25 paper bags - 75 litres £8.40
100 paper bags for kitchen caddy - 6 litres £7.30
100 cornstarch bags for kitchen caddy - 6 litres £7.30
50 paper bags for small green-top bin - 140 litres £20.45
30 corn starch bags for small 140-litre green-top bin


50 paper bags for standard 240-litre green-top bin £27.75
30 corn starch bags for standard 240-litre green-top bin £28.04
1 kitchen caddy Free
Delivery charge for purchasable items £1.90

Clear recycling sacks

You do not need to use bags in your blue top bin for recycling.

This saves you money, leaves more space in your bin and means you use less single-use plastic. 

You can recycle leftover clear recycling bags or other plastic bags at the supermarket or re-use them for your shopping.  

Check what to put in your blue top recycling bin

Ordering recycling bags if you do not have space for bins

For residents that do not have space for bins, you can make one order of 2 rolls of clear recycling bags. These should last six months, using two sacks per week.

To order, email your full address and postcode to or phone 0208 921 4661.

Once your order is made, we'll check your address to see if you cannot have bins due to space. If you can only use bags, we'll place your order and send it as soon as we can. If you are not eligible your order will not be placed.