Eltham Crematorium

Memorials at Eltham Crematorium

There are a number of ways that you can honour the memory of a loved one at the crematorium.

Memorial plaque

There are a series of walled memorial courts at the crematorium, for which you can buy a memorial plaque.

The plaque will be cast with an inscription of your choice and you have the option to include a motif. The plaque will be placed on the brick wall in memory of your loved one.

Download an application form to request a memorial plaque

Memorial niche

Within the memorial courts there is an area that has been specially created for a series of memorial niches. Each niche can contain two sets of cremated remains. The niche is sealed with a granite tablet, which will be engraved with an inscription of your choice. You have the option to include a motif or ceramic photograph.

Download an application form to request a memorial niche

Memorial donation

Many visitors to the crematorium wish to honour the memory of a relative or friend in a way that helps to contribute to the maintenance and appearance of the chapels and garden of remembrance.

To meet this demand, a memorial donation fund has been set up. The fund is used to fund lots of projects, for example extra seating in the garden, the planting of spring bulbs and schemes to encourage wildlife.

Book of remembrance

A hand-scripted epitaph can be entered into the book of remembrance, which is displayed in the chapel of remembrance.

There is a two-page opening in the book for each day, and the book is broken down into quarterly volumes.

For an entry to appear in the main volume on the first anniversary of the date of death, you must complete an order within six months from the date of death.

There is also an electronic version of the book available online.

Replicas of the entry in the book of remembrance are available on a card, and in a miniature book. Cards are available folded, or with a framed edge.

Download an application form to request an epitaph in the book of remembrance

Garden of remembrance

The garden provides an area for peaceful contemplation. It can also be a final resting place for cremated remains.

Features include:

  • a rose garden
  • ornamental pond
  • lawns
  • plants and shrubs

The shrub bed and rose bed can be used to bury cremated remains.

Floral tributes

Flowers can be placed in special display areas outside each of the two chapels after a service. These flowers will be removed after a few days.

There is also a flower pavilion with a purpose-built display area for floral tributes.

There are vases available, as well as an arrangement area with fresh water and waste bins. Flowers will be removed as they become wilted.

Please note: Floral tributes placed on to beds in The Garden of Remembrance will be cleared and disposed of every Thursday morning. The exceptions being special occasions, for example, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Remembrance Sunday and the Christmas period, when they will not be removed in the week prior to these days.