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When you need a street trading licence

You must have a street trading licence to sell items from a trailer, stall or any other receptacle in a street.

We currently issue Permanent and Temporary licenses on designated sites. Additionally, we also can issue Temporary Street Trading Licenses on non-designated sites however this will have to go through initially consultation prior to any approval.

When you don't need a street trading licence

You don't need a street trading licence if you're:

  • a market trader operating at any licensed market
  • a news vendor selling only newspapers and magazines - this is subject to certain conditions, call 020 8921 3824 for more information

You may not need a street trading licence if you're trading on private land seven metres from a public highway, but you will need permission from the landowner.

Please note - If you're a landowner and someone wants to trade on your private land, contact the Council's planning department as you may need planning permission - email

How to get a street trading licence

Please note - You need to email all enquiries to before submitting an application form.

Apply for a street trading licence

Street trading payment form

Send the completed form to the address on the form together with the supporting documents listed on the form.

Please note - You need to use a different application form for street trading on Beresford Square Market.

Street trading fees

Street trading fees per pitch - 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Pitch Fees per week Fees per day
Greenwich, Woolwich, Eltham town centre and Charlton Athletic Football Club areas £149 £30
Earlswood, Tyler and Columb Streets £86 £22
All other designated sites £87 £22

Licence conditions

You must have a licence for each trading assistant on the stall.

Apply for a street trading assistant licence

Please note - You need to use a different application for assistant street trading on Beresford Square Market.

Read more about street trading licence conditions in the Royal Borough of Greenwich's street trading policy.

What happens next

If your application is successful, you'll get a licence number and a card. You must display these clearly within your premises.

A temporary street trading licence lasts for six months and a permanent one for 12 months. You'll be sent a reminder when it's due for renewal.

Once you've got the licence

The council reserves the right to revoke street trading consent after the licence has been granted, if you don't comply with your licence conditions or the highways department requires access to the trading location, for example.

You'll get at least 10 days' notice in this case.

Other licences or permissions you may need

If you want to sell food, you also need to register with the Royal Borough of Greenwich's environmental health department - email or call 020 8921 5702. 

Woolwich is a smoke-free borough, so no barbecues are allowed.

If you want to place tables and chairs you will be required to apply for a pavement licence, under the Business and Planning Act 2020. To apply please click here where you will be directed to a payment page.

For all other forecourt trading (which means placing all other amenities other than tables and chairs) on the public highway, you will need a forecourt trading licence. To apply please click here.

Public highway refers to any public road or other public way on land, for example, a road, pavement or walkway.