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When you need a forecourt trading licence

You must have a forecourt trading licence if you're a small Royal Greenwich-based trader and you want to have any of the following on the public highway (for example, a road or pavement):

  • tables and chairs
  • shopfront displays
  • amenities such as heaters and plants.

A small Royal Greenwich based trader is defined as an independent business operating as a retail outlet from a single location in Royal Greenwich that is owned by an individual, a family or a partnership.

If you want to sell items from a stall or trailer, you need to get a street trading licence.

How to get a forecourt trading licence

Please note - You need to speak to the street trading department before submitting an application form and request an initial site inspection - please email 

Someone from the street trading department will arrange to visit and inspect your business premises.

Apply for a shop fronts, forecourts, tables and chairs licence

Send your completed form to the address on the form.

Licence fees

Forecourt trading licence fees according to location and type of licence
Pitch Tables and chairs Shop forecourts
Greenwich Town Centre (Major District Centre - maps as depicted in the Unitary Development Plan) £9.55 £7.43
Woolwich and Eltham (Major Centres - maps as depicted in Unitary Development Plan) £8.49 £6.37
Other locations £6.37 £4.24
Small Royal Greenwich based traders A 30 per cent reduction in fee for pavement trading areas of three square metres or less A 30 per cent reduction in fee for pavement trading areas of three square metres or less

Fees in the table relate to the weekly charge for the first square metre of trading area. Any extra square metres will be charged at half the quoted price in all cases.

Additional fee for forecourts, shop fronts, tables and chairs £37.14.

Licence conditions

View the street trading licence conditions in the Royal Borough of Greenwich's street trading policy.

What happens next

The street trading department will consult on your application with other Council departments including planning and highways. We'll let you know if you need to do any other application.

If your application is successful, you'll be granted a forecourt trading licence.

A forecourt trading licence lasts for six months. Your licence will be automatically renewed.