How to report hate crime

In an emergency - always call the police on 999 if you are at risk from something that is happening now.

The police take hate crime very seriously, so you can also report to them at a later time any incidents that have happened. You can do this online or by calling the police non-emergency number - 101, or by visiting any police station.

More information on reporting crime and how the police deal with hate crime (Metropolitan Police website)

Stop Hate UK

The Council commissions Stop Hate UK to provide a service at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. You can contact Stop Hate UK by phone or online to report an incident or seek support. Stop Hate UK is a charity providing independent and confidential support to people affected by hate crime.

Visit the Stop Hate UK website

Hate crime reporting events

In partnership with Stop Hate UK, Greenwich Inclusion Project is organising events to promote awareness of hate crime reporting. Come and find out more.

If the hate crime you have experienced took place in or close to your home, or you believe any of your neighbours are involved, you can also report it to your landlord.

Council tenants

If you are a council tenant you should contact your Tenancy team.

Private tenants

If you are a private tenant or owner occupier and want to report harassment, contact the Anti-Social Behaviour team.

If you want to report hate crime, contact the Housing Aid Centre.

Housing associations

If you rent your home from a housing association, you should contact the association that manages the property.

Temporary accommodation

If you live in temporary accommodation managed by the Royal Borough, you should contact the Temporary Accommodation team.

Royal Borough of Greenwich services

If you experience racist, homophobic, transphobic or disability harassment whilst using of our services, please report it immediately at the place where it happens.

What is hate crime? (Metropolitan Police website)