Support for dealing with hate crime

If you want to talk about a problem you are having with hate crime or harassment, you can contact the local police Community Safety Unit.

They have a specialist unit of police officers who have been trained to respond to hate crime, including racist, homophobic and disability harassment.

Where to get help and advice

Stop Hate UK

Stop Hate UK is a charity commissioned by the council to provide a confidential reporting phone line for anyone experiencing any form of hate crime. At any time, you can contact Stop Hate UK to report an incident or get support.

With your consent, they can refer your case on to local specialist organisations who can help you. They can also discuss the option of reporting it to the police and give the details to the police for you, if this is what you want.

Find out more about Stop Hate UK

Homophobic and transphobic crime

The Metropolitan Police Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) liaison team work with the gay and transgender community to tackle homophobic and transphobic hate crime.

Galop is London's LGBT+ community safety charity. You can report the problem on the Galop website or by phone. 

Metro is an equality and diversity charity based in Greenwich. They offer a confidential service in a safe space with experienced professionals. Find out more about Metro.

Disability related crime

If you are experiencing harassment because of a disability, contact the Greenwich Association of Disabled People. You will be able to report the problem and get advice and support about what action can be taken.

Find out more about the Greenwich Association of Disabled People

Race and Faith related crime

The Greenwich Inclusion Project (GrIP) will help you if you have experienced hate crime that you believe is motivated by your race, faith or nationality.

Find out more about the Greenwich Inclusion Project

Hate crime reporting events 

In partnership with Stop Hate UK, GrIP organises events to promote awareness of hate crime reporting. Visit the GrIP website or GrIP Facebook page to find out more. 

Hate crime information leaflets