A new street entertainment policy 

We have introduced a new policy to regulate busking and street entertainment in Royal Greenwich. The policy is designed to balance the needs of performers with those of residents, workers, shoppers, visitors and other people using the space.  

What does the policy include? 

The policy sets out a code of conduct for all buskers and street entertainers in Royal Borough of Greenwich and provides guidance on self-regulation.   

Greenwich Town Centre and Woolwich Town Centre are now regulated areas for street performers. This means that street performers need to apply for a licence to perform in these two areas and perform only on a designated pitch. 

Street performers in these areas are able to apply for a street entertainment licence. Once approved, they will be issued with a licence. 

Currently, the booking system for pitch slots is not available online therefore all licenced  

Street entertainers will be required to email Street-Trading@Royalgreenwich.gov.uk to arrange a pitch slot.  

Applying for a license 

You will need to register with the Street Trading service at Royal Greenwich, to apply for a licence to perform in Woolwich and Greenwich Town Centres. In other areas of the borough a license is not mandatory, but all street entertainers would need to follow the Busk in London Code.  

Once registered, if your application is successful, you will be able to busk at any of the two authorised places in Greenwich Town Centre and 2 authorised places in Woolwich Town Centre, however, you will need to book in advance. 

The licence will last for six months, after this point, it will need to be renewed should you wish to continue performing in those areas. 

To be a performer, you must abide by the licence conditions

When and where do I need a licence to busk? 

There are only 4 locations in the borough where a street entertainment licence is required.  

Individual sessions are limited to 2 hours between 11am and 9pm, from Monday to Sunday. A maximum of 4 slots can be booked at any one time. 

Designated street entertainment pitches 

The locations that are designated as street entertainment pitches are shown below, marked with a red circle on the map. The pavement is painted with musical notes to indicate the spot. 

Select a map. 

Important information about pitches 

All pitches are on the main areas within the Town Centres. No other places in Greenwich Town Centre or Woolwich town Centre are designated as street entertainment pitches. Permission, if granted, does not allow the sale of goods or services, or collection of money for charity. 

The council reserves the right to refuse permission for any performance or activity that may be considered as controversial or likely to cause offence to residents due to religious, political, moral or other significant reasons. 


The fee for a busker's licence is £30.00 for a 6-month License 


If you are unsure whether you need a licence, please write to Street-Trading@Royalgreenwich.gov.uk 

You can read the Street Entertainment Regulations implemented by Royal Borough of Greenwich pursuant to Part V of the London Local Authorities Act 2000. 

Information Required 

To apply for a licence, we will need the following information from you:  

1) written proof of the applicant's National Insurance number 

2) a copy of a valid passport (with a work permit if a non-European Citizen) 

3) a passport-sized photograph of each person involved in the street entertainment; this must be signed on the back by that person 

4) evidence of public liability insurance - minimum sum of £2,000,000 - that must be checked by the council each year 

5) established performers should provide relevant references from other local authorities or London Underground Limited or establishments where those applicants are currently performing. For non-established performers, you will be required to submit two references from a relevant professional body or organisation. 


To apply for a licence to perform, please complete the relevant form