Permits issued by Royal Borough of Greenwich

Permits are issued to premises where the provision of gambling facilities isn't the primary function under the Gambling Act 2005. This includes offering very low-stakes and prize gambling, gaming (such as poker), and gaming machines.

Premises typically eligible to apply to the The Royal Borough of Greenwich for permits are:

  • Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centres
  • Alcohol Licensed Premises (premises licensed under the Licensing Act 2003 for consumption of alcohol on the premises. These premises must not be subject to conditions requiring that alcohol sales are ancillary to food sales and alcohol must be served from behind a bar in order to qualify for a permit)
  • Clubs - both commercial and non-commercial
  • Premises wishing to offer commercial prize-gaming

What types of permits will we issue?

We issue the following types of Permit under the Act:

Differences between a permit and a licence

There are several key differences between a Permit and a Gambling Premises Licence:

  • Permit applicants/holders are not required to have an Operating Licence issued by the Gambling Commission
  • There are no responsible authorities or interested parties in relation to Permit applications
  • We can only grant or reject Permits. We can not attach conditions
  • The Gambling Commission has less power and involvement in relation to Permits than they do with a Gambling Premises Licence
  • With the exception of Permits relating to alcohol licensed premises, Permits are of limited duration.