Which premises are eligible?

The government's aim is for gaming machines to only be in premises where children's access is controlled.

Only premises where alcohol sales are not ancillary to other activities are eligible to obtain licensed premises gaming machine permits.

The purpose is to ensure that premises that provide gaming machines do not allow unaccompanied children on to the premises.

Who does this permit apply to?

A licensed premises gaming machine permit applies to premises with an on-premises alcohol licence which contains a bar at which alcohol is served, but without a requirement that alcohol is served only with food and only at a time when alcohol may be sold in reliance on the Licensing Act 2003 Premises Licence.

The Gambling Act provides an automatic entitlement to make available two gaming machines of Categories C or D for use in appropriate premises licensed under the Licensing Act 2003.

To take advantage of this entitlement, the Premises Licence holder must give notice to the Royal Borough of Greenwich of their intention to make gaming machines available for use, and must pay the prescribed fee.

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More than two machines

Relevant premises may also apply for a permit to provide a greater number of machines. This means obtaining a licensed premises gaming machine permit from us. A licensed premises gaming machine permit allows any number of Category C or D machines to be provided in licensed premises.

Where such a permit is granted, it will effectively replace any automatic entitlement to two machines as described above.


The following arrangements apply:

  • up to two gaming machines: pubs will have an automatic entitlement to two gaming machines, subject to a simple notification procedure. You should make this notification to us prior to the expiry of your existing permit
  • more than two gaming machines: pubs which want to offer more than two gaming machines will need to apply to us for a licensed premises gaming permit. You should apply at least two months before the date your Section 34 permit is due to expire.