Report damaged or dangerous trees

Royal Greenwich is fortunate to be one of the most wooded boroughs in London. The Royal Borough recognises the benefits that trees bring to the local environment. We seek to protect existing trees and plant new ones for the benefit of future generations.

Tree pruning is carried out over a cycle which depends on the species of tree.

The Royal Borough also deals with reports of vandalism of trees and reports of trees obstructing the pavement.

To ensure that your report gets to the correct team, please contact the relevant team below according to where the tree is located.

Trees along streets

If you have a problem with trees growing close to roads, roundabouts, verges or on pavements, use our online reporting form to report a street fault.

Choose 'Report an issue with our public roads and footways' if a tree is damaging a road or pavement.

For other tree problems, choose 'Report an issue with our trees'.

Report a street fault

Trees on council estates

If you have a problem with trees on council estates or in council communal areas:

Trees in parks

Please note that the Parks and Open Spaces team has responsibility only for trees in parks and cemeteries managed by the Royal Borough.

To report a problem or get more information about trees in the borough's parks and open spaces:

Request for a new tree

The Royal Borough has a limited tree-planting budget but runs an annual planting programme. Find out more:

Trees on private land

The Royal Borough does not undertake tree work for private residents. However, the Arboricultural Association website contains useful advice on trees and a list of approved tree consultants.

Find a tree care professional

Injuries caused by trees

If you have been injured by a dangerous tree in a council property or public area, please contact the insurance team.

If the tree is privately owned, you will need to get in touch with the owner.