Integrated Employment Support and Advice Service

The Integrated Employment Support and Advice Service will support residents affected by COVID-19 in three areas:

  • Employment
  • Finance
  • Housing

Areas of support

The service will help residents facing challenges with:

  • Changes to employment (including losing their job or put on furlough)
  • Changes in income and benefits,
  • Housing or risk of becoming homelessness

What  type of support is avaliable?

The Integrated Employment and Advice Support Service provides:

  • Access to employment opportunities, apprenticeships, and placements.
  • Support to gain new skills through training and development options.
  • Advice from the Welfare Rights Service on benefits and better calculations based on job options
  • Advice on housing related queries
  • Support for private sector tenants
  • Support for people at risk of becoming homeless

How will you get help?

In order to help us understand the support you need; you will need to  complete a short form to let us know about your circumstances. You will then be contacted by the relevant department to get the help you need.

Apply for help