Stage five: The bidding process

If you are subsequently invited to bid, you will be sent all the documents.

Tenderers should carefully read the advert, tender documents and instructions for tendering and pay close attention to:

  • when and where to return a bid (time, date and correct building)
  • using unmarked packaging, excluding company logo and so on
  • returning the bid in an appropriate format. Don't change the order of the documentation, or submit alternative responses
  • providing all information required
  • signing and dating documentation where instructed
  • not adding items to qualify the bid and no alternative bids.

Sometimes the information that the Royal Borough of Greenwich receives from suppliers is unclear or in need of further clarification. Once again you should provide any additional information sought by the closing date.

The tender documents we send out to suppliers contain details of our requirements. The documents, particularly the specification, should be read carefully and all information completed fully and accurately.

If you do not understand any part of the specification or other documents, you should contact the officer named in the tender documentation and request further information. This must be done before the tender period closes.

A deadline date will often be set for enquiries, which must be observed as no further enquiries will be dealt with after this deadline has passed.