Stage three: Advertising the contract

Once all the contract documentation has been agreed, contracts offered for tender by the Royal Borough of Greenwich may be advertised locally and/or in appropriate trade journals and on our website.

Depending upon the contract value, some contracts will also be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

The OJEU advertisement will:

  • summarise the service required
  • set out the contract start and end dates
  • outline how we will evaluate tenders
  • provide relevant staff contact details
  • determine timescales and deadlines
  • ask interested organisations to express their interest in the contract.

Within the OJEU process, up to 35 days are allowed to return a tender.

The restricted tendering process, including drawing up a select list, allows up to 60 days.

The negotiated tendering process allows up to eight months from responding to an advert to submitting an outline bid.