Community Arts Fund

The Community Arts fund supports a range of music, theatre, and dance performing projects. The fund aims to stimulate participation and engagement in the arts within the Royal Borough of Greenwich whilst encouraging partnerships between established organisations, community groups, and schools wherever possible. When assessing your application, we will be looking for examples of your work throughout the year and across the borough.

The fund aims to support activities that:

  • deliver new arts and cultural projects
  • encourage active participation in the arts by a diverse cross-section of the community including young people, older people and under-represented groups within the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • create participatory work that animates the town squares and outdoor spaces; attracting local audiences
  • develop partnerships between local cultural organisations, networks, and groups
  • encourage delivery of community-based arts and cultural programmes.

 The 2022 Community Arts Fund funded the following organisations and their projects:

Raybel Charters - Revealing the Creek

Revealing The Creek is a community heritage and performance project based on different stories from Deptford Creek’s past, present and future.

TARU Arts - Summer Drumming

Drumming workshops for young people aged 12 to 19.

Citizens of the World - Yalda Night Celebration

A magical festival on 7 December.

Black Female Entrepreneur Greenwich - Africa Masquerade Festival 

Join in on social events, creative workshops, and more!

Shrewsbury House - Rumble in the Jumble

Make puppets, dance at the carnival, and perform in the parade.

The Community Arts Fund 2022 to 23 programme has now closed. Funds have been fully allocated and the programme will reopen in April 2023.