Stage four: Responding to advertisements

A business interested in bidding or tendering for work should, in the first instance, formally apply via the E-tendering portal or the named contact person and address quoted in the advertisement.

This can be done using the E-tendering messaging system or in writing/email to the named person. The advert will usually state whether the tender will be let under the open, restricted, negotiation, Competitive Dialogue and Innovative Partnership    procedure or the applicable procedure that is appropriate for the requirement.

Selection Questionnaire

If the contract is being tendered depending on the circumstances, the Royal Borough of Greenwich may, on receipt of the application, forward a selection questionnaire (SQ) and application form to the applicant. This needs to be completed and returned, accompanied by all requested information stated in the questionnaire, by a specified date which appears on the front page.

The SQ requires the applicant to provide evidence of its financial standing and technical expertise. This includes professional or other relevant qualifications and references from similar works being undertaken with other bodies together with health and safety and equalities policies.

Evaluation against criteria

The information received will be evaluated against our pre-determined criteria. Those applicants considered most suitable to undertake the contract will be included on a select tender list and subsequently be invited to tender for the contract.

If the contract is being tendered under the open procedure, we will forward the tender documents once the application is received.

Although this is a more direct process, the SQ as outlined above will still have to be completed at the time of submitting the tender. It will form part of the tender evaluation process.

Irrespective of the value of the submitted tender, the contract will only be awarded to a tenderer whose submitted information from the SQ meets our criteria.