We operate 24-hour emergency call-outs to deal with dangerous structures.

How to report

To report a dangerous structure, call:

Please call first, then send a follow up email.  

What to report

If you think a building or structure could be a threat to people near it, report it.  

A building can become dangerous or unstable due to:

  • fire
  • lightning
  • high winds
  • vehicle impact
  • serious neglect or disrepair
  • overloading parts of the building
  • negligent building work

What not to report

This is an emergency service that only deals with immediately dangerous structures. 

Do not use this to report: 

What to tell us

Clear details help us assess risk and find the site so please tell us:  

  • site address with full postcode if possible 
  • What3words address if possible 
  • your name and phone number  
  • if the owner has been told about the situation  
  • the owners’ name, phone number or any details that can help us contact the owner such as details on to-let signs, shopfronts, scaffolding and building site hoardings 
  • a description of the dangerous structure and where it is located on the building or plot 

A follow-up email with photographs attached in JPEG format is helpful. 

What happens next

Once you've reported the issue:

  • we will risk assess the situation based on the information you've given us
  • if the situation is immediately dangerous, an inspector will visit within three hours
  • the surveyor will assess the danger and decide on the best action to take

We'll ask the owner or their agents to carry out any urgent works to remove the danger.

If this is not possible, we may cordon off the area or arrange for our emergency contractor to remove the danger.