We inspect building work as it progresses to make sure it meets building regulations.  

We may give you an inspection plan to give to your builder.  

You need to make sure your builder follows the plan.  

If you do not have regular inspections and work does not meet regulations, you may need to remove or alter them.  

Some concealed elements of the work may need to be exposed for inspection.  

If you do not have an inspection plan, email building.control@royalgreenwich.gov.uk.  

Book a site visit 

You need to book a site visit at least 2 working days before the inspection.  

To book your site inspection, you need to tell us: 

  • the building control case reference 
  • the site address with full postcode 
  • details of what needs to be inspected - with the inspection plan reference 
  • first initial, last name and phone number of the person who will meet us on site  
  • any car parking arrangements or restrictions 
  • your preferred date for the visit 
  • if you’d prefer a morning or afternoon visit. We cannot confirm a specific time 

We will offer an alternative date if your preferred date is not available.  

Morning slots are 10am to 12noon and afternoon slots are 12noon to 4pm.  

Book a site inspection by emailing buildingcontrol-siteinspections@royalgreenwich.gov.uk  

You should keep a record of this request.  

Providing proof of meeting building regulations 

We do not rely on photos or video as proof of you meeting building regulations.  

We will only use photos as an alternative for a site inspection if the case officer agrees to accept photos of key stages or parts of the work.  

You may need to include more than one image. For example, close ups and long shots if the long shots do not give enough image detail.  

In this case, photos must: 

  • be high quality and resolution so we can see the details and use them for audits 
  • be in JPEG or PDF digital format 
  • have geolocation enabled so we can confirm the location, date and time of each image  
  • have a file name with a detailed reference 

Videos must: 

  • not be over 70MB which is about 30 seconds long 
  • be date stamped  

You should attach images as email attachments. 

We cannot accept photographs or videos embedded in the body of an email. 

To send photo and video evidence to us: