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Not all items can go in your bins but there are other ways to get rid of them.  

You can take them to the Re-use and Recycling Centre, charity shops, donation banks or by using a collection service.  

Recycle textiles like clothes 

You can take clothes, textiles and shoes to clothes and textile banks. 

Check what you can take to a textile bank

Take items to our Re-use and Recycling Centre 

You can go to the Reuse and Recycling Centre to get rid of items that cannot go in your bins like:   

  • building materials 
  • carpet and furniture  
  • mattresses  
  • electrical items and household batteries  

You can also take small electrical items to bring sites. 

See the full list of what you can and cannot take to the Re-use and Recycling Centre 

Recycle items at a bring site  

We have three places you can bring mixed dry recycling, small electrical items, clothes and shoes.  

We have our Re-use and Recycling Centre in Thamesmead.  

Find and visit the Re-use and Recycling Centre

We then have two bring sites: 

  • Clara Place in Woolwich 
  • Orangery Lane in Eltham 

Check what types of items you can take to a recycling bring site

There are also local banks you can take clothes and shoes. These are: 

  • Avery Hill Shops/Bexley Road, Eltham 
  • Cherry Orchard Estate, Charlton 
  • Eynsham Drive Shops, Abbey Wood 
  • Nightingale Vale Community Centre, Woolwich Common 

Get rid of large items 

You can take large items like fridges and furniture to the waste and recycling centre.  

If you cannot do this you can book a bulky waste collection.  

Book a bulky waste collection

Check what types of bulky items we collect

Donate reusable items  

You can donate items that are good quality and can be reused to places like charity shops or donation services.  

Check what types of items you can take to a charity shop