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You need to book an appointment for a bulky waste collection.

Book a bulky collection

Check where to recycle, donate or get rid of items

What to do on collection day 

If you have an appointment booked:

  • only put out the items that you have booked for collection 
  • put the items at the front of your property by 6am on appointment day 
  • do not obstruct the pavement or street 

We'll only collect items that you have listed for collection and that the collection crew can get to. 

If you live on a council estate, please bring the items to the ground level and put them by the bins outside. 

Cancel a collection appointment 

Call 020 8921 4661 to cancel an appointment. 

To get a refund, you must cancel at least 48 hours before your appointment. 

What we collect

Items that come together, like a sofa set or table and chairs, are considered one item. 

We collect items like those in this list for a fixed fee of £13.09 from 1 April 2024:

  • domestic household boilers 
  • bed frames, bed bases and mattresses 
  • doors 
  • fencing - per panel 
  • electrical items like fridges and freezers (empty), TVs, washing machines and hoovers 

This fee is already paid for within your service charge if you are a council tenant.

You need to bag up items like: 

  • carpet (cut up so it can fit in the bags) 
  • rubble 
  • soil 
  • tiles 

This is so that one person can easily carry them.  

Please use strong bags that are no bigger than a standard rubble sack. 

It costs £4.12 per bag and there is a minimum charge of £13.09 (4 bags).

We will collect up to ten bags per booking.  

What we do not collect 

We do not collect household chemicals and paint as part of the bulky waste service. You'll need to book a hazardous waste collection instead.

For more advice about hazardous waste collections, please call 020 8921 4661.   

Other ways to get rid of large items

To get rid of other large items you can: 

Local places to donate items

  • Emmaus offers a free collection service  
  • British Heart Foundation in Woolwich accepts donations in the post up to 10kg in weight  
  • Debra in Woolwich Road takes furniture and electrical goods, and offers a free collection service