We collect clinical waste for free if you've been referred by your GP, hospital or district nurse.

Once you've been referred, we'll contact you to understand what you need for your collection. 

Ask your GP, hospital or district nurse to refer you for a clinical waste collection

Clinical waste includes:

  • dressings
  • needles
  • swabs
  • syringes with needles removed
  • incontinence bags (catheters)
  • stoma or colostomy bags
  • stomach feeding tubes
  • PEG needles and tubing used to pass food, liquids or medication directly into the stomach
  • medical instruments
  • cytostatic medication (used to slow down or stop cancer cells growing)
  • cytotoxic medication (anti-cancer drugs often used during chemotherapy to kill cancer cells)

Where to get rid of items we do not collect

We do not collect drugs or tablets, you can take these to a pharmacy instead. 

You can put the following items in your black top general waste bin:

  • feeding tubes and liquid food
  • food products issued by the NHS
  • incontinence pads
  • used nappies 
  • latex gloves, overalls, face masks
  • sanitary waste
  • clothing
  • linen from bedding