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You’re responsible for safely disposing of any waste your business produces. 

Your business rates do not cover the cost of waste and recycling collections.  

If you run a business, you must: 

  • use a licensed waste collection company  
  • arrange and pay for the disposal of waste that your business produces 
  • keep your waste in proper containers 
  • have a collection contract in place 
  • keep records - waste transfer notes 

Read GOV.UK guidance on disposing of business waste

Find a licensed waste collection company 

All waste carriers must have a licence to collect waste. 

Check the Environment Agency register of waste carriers

We also have a business waste and recycling service that you can use. 

Use our business waste and recycling service 

We offer a general waste and recycling service for local businesses. 

It runs 7 days a week and we have trained staff available to help you. 

You can use trade sacks or bins for your waste. If you’re new to the service and would like a quote for business waste collections including bins, please contact our Business Engagement Officer: 

Order trade sacks if you’re an existing customer 

You can order sacks and labels by calling 0208 921 4661. 

We will take payment over the phone, so please have your card details ready. We will then arrange to deliver your items. 

There is a £1.90 delivery charge for every trade sack order. 

Recycling trade sacks and labels
Trade sacks - Recycling per 10 (minimum order) - £36.40
Trade sacks - Recycling per 50 - £182
Trade sacks - Recycling per 100 - £364
Trade sack labels per 10 (recycling only) - £36.40
Trade sacks for general waste
Trade sacks - Residual waste per 10 (minimum order) - £40.30
Trade sacks - Residual waste per 50 - £201.50
Trade sacks - Residual waste per 100 - £403

Fees and Charges

The Controlled Waste Regulations (England and Wales) 2012 provide local authorities with the power to charge for the collection and/or disposal of waste from non-domestic premises. Historically the full potential to charge in line with the Regulations has not been implemented.

To maximise income potential, charges will be implemented across all possible chargeable areas, identified within the Regulations, with effect from 1 April 2022. Audits are currently being carried out across each chargeable property classification to establish the number of bins at each site and the frequency of collections taking place. Once established, full cost recovery charges will be applied, and a service level agreement will be issued to each customer.

Get rid of additional trade waste

You can take items that cannot be taken by your waste collection service to the Veolia Waste Transfer Station located next to the Re-use and Recycling Centre in Nathan Way. 

Find out more about getting rid of additional waste

Other types of waste 

There are separate services for disposal of hazardous waste