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You need to book a collection the City of London to get rid of hazardous waste. You do not have to pay for the collection. 

Do not take it to the Re-use and Recycling Centre or put it in your bins.

Hazardous household waste includes items such as:

  • Antifreeze, white spirit, adhesives, mastic, petrol and diesel
  • Bleach, ammonia and drain cleaners
  • Household cleaning products and toilet cleaners
  • Garden chemicals, pesticides and weed killers
  • Paint

A household can only book:

  • a collection of up to 50kg of waste
  • up to 3 collections a year

Book a hazardous waste collection from the City of London

Get rid of hazardous trade waste

If you're a business, contact the City of London Hazardous Waste Collection team to get rid of chemicals and paints.