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How to prepare your rubbish and recycling for collection

You must leave business waste and recycling on the boundary of your property by 7pm each day.

Leave your bin or sacks on the pavement outside your premises so that the crew can see them. 

Collections normally take place between 7pm and 4.30am seven days a week. 

When you join the service, we'll let you know when you should leave your bins out and when we'll collect them. 

Leaving your business waste or recycling out for collection 

Use the correct sack or bin for the correct waste and only use Royal Borough of Greenwich sacks.  

If you use the wrong sacks we will not collect them.  

Please tie all sacks at the top to prevent any spillages and do not overfill them so they do not break.  

Make sure that you fill your bin so that it can still close.  

When putting out recyclable waste: 

  • rinse food tins and make sure that there is no liquid left in drinks cans and glass bottles 
  • squash any plastic bottles or small cardboard packaging 
  • break down large cardboard boxes or packaging - tie or tape it up and use the blue recycling labels, tie no more than 10 boxes together 
  • securely close and fasten your sacks