Black History Month has been observed in the Royal Borough of Greenwich for many years, recognising the achievement and contributions of people from the African, Asian and Caribbean diaspora. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement and BH365, we want to provide a series of cultural events throughout the entire year to connect our diverse communities and celebrate our Black residents’ heritage.

We understand that it’s not enough to celebrate Black history in just one month of the year. Therefore we created a new BH365 grant programme to support arts and community groups to bid for funding to produce a wide range of activities and events throughout the calendar year. The aim of the grant programme is to:

  • support organisations and groups to create a range of culturally engaging  performances, activities and events that highlight our black communities
  • deepen our understanding of black history and the role of people from the African, Asian and Caribbean diaspora have had in shaping Royal Greenwich and the UK

Connecting communities festival. Group of performers signing in a dark room with neon red lights. 

See the full events calendar for Black History 365