Woolwich Leisure Centre

We are investing in a new, modern leisure centre in Woolwich. This will replace the existing Waterfront Leisure Centre which is now over 30 years old and is becoming increasingly expensive to repair and maintain. The new leisure centre will be situated on the current site of Viscount House, next to General Gordon Square.

The Waterfront Leisure Centre will remain open until the new leisure centre is fully open. We are continuing to invest and maintain the Waterfront Leisure Centre in the interim.

Designing the new leisure centre

We want the new leisure centre to support both existing and future customers, and best meet the needs of our residents - so we have been gathering the views of as many people as possible on what facilities the new leisure centre should have.

The public consultation ran from Monday 28 January to Friday 22 February 2019. More than 2,300 people shared their views on the design on the new leisure centre through our online survey, focus groups, public workshops and with our community researchers.

The feedback is now being reviewed and will be used to inform our architect design brief. We will present the design brief to Royal Greenwich's Cabinet in April and subject to this being approved, we plan to start designing the new leisure centre later in 2019.