Published: Thursday, 13th October 2022

Buskers can now easily sign up for a busking license via a form on our website.

In May 2022 we introduced a new policy to manage busking and street entertainment in Greenwich town centre and parts of Woolwich town centre. Buskers will be able to easily sign up for a busking license via a form on the Council’s website. The new regulations aim to balance the needs of performers with those of residents, workers, shoppers and visitors.  

Street performances by musicians, magicians, comedians, artists, dancers, acrobats and mime artists, among others, play an invaluable role in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. They provide entertainment to local people and visitors, adding character and cultural richness to our public spaces. They are also an excellent opportunity for new talent to be discovered. To help manage street entertainment in our public spaces we are introducing the street entertainment policy for Royal Greenwich. Buskers in Greenwich Town Centre and Woolwich Town Centre will now require a license to busk and will only be able to perform in designated areas. The new policy includes the following measures: 

  • Designated pitches to manage crowding issues and competition for performance space 

The four designated pitches are in: 

  • Cutty Sark, Greenwich Town Centre (two pitches) 

  • Powis Street, Woolwich Town Centre 

  • Greens End, Woolwich Town Centre 

The pitches are marked with musical notes painted on the pavement. 

The policy is designed to be responsive and collaborative. To ensure it achieves this goal, we will keep assessing it, with a full review scheduled in six months’ time. 

A spokesperson for the Council said:

“Street entertainment and busking are part of a long tradition in Royal Greenwich. It’s an important part of the borough’s vibrant arts and culture scene, enlivening our town centres and delighting diverse audiences. We want to continue to endorse this.  

“The new street entertainment policy aims to ensure people can enjoy street performance while considering the needs of everyone in our local community. I believe that these new plans will help us to foster this balance, helping to maintain a good relationship between residents, shoppers, businesses and buskers”. 

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