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  • This section explains how decisions about the Carbon Neutral Plan will be made and how the plan will develop and be delivered.

    Council-wide ownership is required, and all Directorates within the Council will have a role.

    Cabinet Members will work together to oversee and steer work to reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Climate Emergency declaration. A Cabinet Member will chair a corporate Task Force.

    Chaired by the lead Director, the Climate Change Officer Group involving senior officers from all Directorates, will continue to coordinate the delivery of the Plan across the Council, identifying and developing new opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

    The Council will monitor and report on the actions in the action plan annually.

    The Council will facilitate and recognise activity across the borough, working in partnerships with organisations and residents to celebrate successes in our community, and to support and inspire new activities and greater achievement.

  • We will be transparent about the changes that are required to address the Climate Emergency.

    We will communicate and engage our residents, businesses and other organisations in our activities. We will celebrate success and use it to inspire and inform further activity.

  • A major challenge of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 is the level of investment that is required by the Council and other organisations (£1.6bn), as well as our dependence on actions by others outside of the borough to decarbonise our electricity and our supply chains. These levels of investment are far in excess of current Council budgets.

    Significant finance and resources will be required to deliver on the ambitions set out in the plan, particularly for the areas of action in the table.

    Areas of Action Short term funding Long term funding to be secured Funding sources
    Council housing Approx 5.1M Over £350M Possible sources: Housing Capital Programme / available grants
    Corporate Estate Approx £700,000 Over £25M Public sector Decarbonisation Fund / other grant funding
    Transport Approx £660,000 Significantly over £80M Funding not yet identified
    Council Fleet N/A £TBC Funding not yet identified
    Business Economy and Skills £570,000   Funding not yet identified

    Identifying and unlocking innovative finance solutions will be critical to the success of the our plan. We therefore commit to:

    • Maximising external funding sources by reviewing grant funding and subsidy opportunities
    • Investigating and developing of innovative financing mechanisms and project finance models
    • Exploring group-purchasing opportunities with other local authorities
    • Where we feel there is a strong need for further support, lobbying with other local authorities.