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About 25% of the borough's total emissions come from the council's offices, vehicles and housing, so we need everyone's help to step up to the carbon neutral challenge. Everyone can make a difference and together we can tackle the climate crisis. To do this we are setting up a Climate Emergency Network.

Members of the network will be kept informed of opportunities in Royal Greenwich to contribute to tackling climate change, and of significant activities and achievements in the borough.

If you’d like to get involved, sign up to our Climate Emergency Network.

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Take action

We can all make changes that will help us reduce our emissions. Research shows that the 3 most important things you can do are:

  • take public transport, walk or cycle instead of driving. If you need to drive sometimes, consider joining a car club
  • switch to a plant-based diet or eat less meat and dairy
  • avoid air travel wherever possible

Other important things you can do:

  • reduce your energy usage - and your bills
  • respect and protect green spaces
  • invest your money responsibly
  • cut consumption – and waste
  • talk about the changes you make
  • make your voice heard by those in power 

Local opportunities

  • Save on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions from your home with help from SELCE
  • Avoid single use plastics when shopping. Go to a zero-waste shop like the Art of Zero Living 7A Greenwich Market, SE10 9HZ
  • Buy local organic vegetables, salad leaves, herbs, fruit and flowers from a local farm like Sitopia Farm, 331 Shooters Hill DA16 3RP

If you work for a local business

Find out how you can reduce carbon emissions and become more sustainable through this council-supported programme for engaging and assisting the local business community.

Link to Greenwich Greener Business Programme