What happens after a Section 50 application

Your application will be initially assessed by the Network Management team and then by a works co-ordinator local to the area where the works are taking place. The works co-ordinator may need to get in contact with you to arrange a joint site meeting to discuss the details of the application and/or to raise any issues that may arise. At this point you may be asked to make amendments to your application in order for the Royal Borough of Greenwich to agree to the works taking place.

When the agreement has been reached to allow the works to go ahead (and provided that the Royal Borough has received the licence payment), we will issue you the Section 50 licence and the Street Works Permit confirming the agreed works start date and end date.

During the works

While the works are being carried out our works co-ordinator will be available to assist with any queries or issues that may arise during the works.

While the works are in progress you are bound by the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) legislation. The works co-ordinator may conduct a site visit any time during the works to ensure that the works site is compliant with NSRWA legislation.

Failure to comply with NRSWA legislation may lead to penalties being applied depending on the severity of the offence.

Agreed completion date

On the agreed works completion date, the site must be reinstated to at least an interim state and cleared of all equipment (such as barriers and plant) before 4.30pm.

If you carry out an interim reinstatement you must ensure that you return to the site within six months to complete the permanent reinstatement (please ensure that you inform the Royal Borough of Greenwich of your intention to return to site).

You are required to complete and return to the council the 'closing notice' form (included in the application pack) in order to confirm the site measurements.

Over-runs and delays

Under NRSWA legislation, financial charges may be levied for work overruns. The severity of the charge is in accordance to the category of the street where the works are taking place.

Please contact us as soon as possible to notify us if the planned works start is subject to delay, or contact us immediately should you become aware of any delays while the works are being undertaken which may potentially cause them to overrun the planned end dates.

After the works

The site will be subject to two further inspections when the works have been completed to ensure that the works have been completed in accordance with NRSWA legislation:

  1. within six months of the works end date
  2. within the last six months period leading up to guarantee expiry date (the guarantee period is usually up to two or three years after the works completion date).

Any offences found during these inspections may result in penalties being applied and/or directives to carry out remedial works may be issued to the party that carried out the works (the council may also choose to carry out the remedial works themselves and pass the costs onto the party responsible).

Further information

Should you have any queries relating to the Section 50 application process, please contact the Network Management team.