Section 50 street works licences

Any person or organisation who wishes to carry out works on a highway, will need to apply for a street works licence (Section 50 Licence). This requirement does not apply to anyone acting under a statutory right. 

Regulation changes from October 2015

Pending approval, the current London Operational Permitting Scheme is due to be revised to comply with amended regulations on 1 October 2015. The Royal Borough of Greenwich has made an Order, as required, to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Download the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Traffic Management Permit Scheme Order

Notice periods

Depending on the expected duration of the works, Section 50 street works licences can take up to a month to process. Site visits are carried out and consideration to other highway users is taken into account before approval is given.

The table below shows how far in advance you need to apply based on the duration of works.

Section 50 street works licence application deadlines
Expected duration of works Minimum notice period for application
Three days or fewer One week
Four to ten days Two weeks
More than ten days One month

Application forms 

Please ensure that you submit the correct form and that the correct payment is also made to avoid delays. If the wrong form is submitted, you will be asked to resubmit your application.

Section 50 street works licence - Sewer connections 

If your works require sewer connections, please apply using this form: 

Download the Section 50 street works licence (sewer connections) application pack

Section 50 street works licence - Other works

For all other street works including cable works, gas connections and vehicle crossovers, please apply using this form:

Download the Section 50 street works licence (other works) application pack

Section 14.1 planned temporary traffic management notice request form - utility works

Download the Section 14.1 planned temporary traffic management notice request form

Documents and evidence to provide

Guidance on how to complete the forms are included in the application packs. You will need to provide the following documentation together with your application, otherwise your application may be delayed:

  • scaled site plans
  • traffic management plans if applicable to the works
  • permission from utility companies allowing your company access to their assets, if applicable to the works
  • scans or photocopies of the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) cards for the crew carrying out the works
  • your company liability insurance documents
  • a cheque for the correct amount, or proof of payment made over the phone (such as the payment reference number), or BACS receipt.

Definition of street works

Any of the following activities on a highway will constitute street works and require an application:

  • placement of apparatus
  • retention of apparatus
  • inspection of apparatus
  • repair of apparatus
  • alteration of apparatus
  • changing the position of apparatus
  • removal of apparatus.


The Highway Authority can grant the right to excavate the highway on an application for a Street Works Licence to any:

  • street works accredited developer
  • street works accredited contractor.

This grants the applicant temporary authority to excavate the highway throughout the duration of the works for which the licence is granted.

Failure to apply

Failure to apply for a licence before starting any works, is an offence under the Highways Act 1980 and the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. Any breach of this requirement may result in prosecution with the full recovery of all costs involved and removal of any equipment installed during those works.

All Street Works Licences granted are subject to the legislation requirements of the New Roads and Street Works 1991 and its associate Codes of Practice.