If you've not decided what you want to do, that's ok, there are things you can do and places to get help.

Your school careers adviser can help you find information about different career pathways.

Who can I talk to?

The Point in Woolwich provides support, information, and guidance on a wide range of topics for young people aged 13 to 19.

The National Careers Service provides young people aged 13 to 18 with information on learning, work and apprenticeships and learning related issues.

Getting started

The following ideas may help you to make a start in exploring careers:

  • List the skills you are good at then ask your parents or teachers what they think your best skills are
  • Draw a 'road map' to your chosen career - what do you need to study?, what grades do you need to get?
  • Research a 'day in the life' of someone in the job you're interested in
  • Identify someone you admire for their achievements - find out how they got to where they are
  • Write a speech for someone who is introducing you at a public event in ten years' time.

When you find an area you're interested in, you need to:

  • Look at what courses are out there - find three providers offering your chosen course and go to their open days or and ask if you can attend a taster session
  • Think practically - how long will you spend travelling?, what are the facilities like?, how are students supported?
  • Check the course entry requirements - are you on track to get the grades you'll need by the end of Year 11?
  • Be ambitious - but do have a Plan B
  • Research career websites.