Apply for a carer's assessment

A carer's assessment is a conversation between yourself and an assessment officer about the caring role or roles you have and how it affects your daily life. This is an opportunity for you to talk about any concerns you may have and what support you may need.

Your carer's assessment will look at:

  • what parts of the caring role you are willing to carry on doing
  • what you enjoy or is working well - and what you'd like to change
  • what restrictions continuing your caring role places on your ability to live your life (for example work, family life, and having time for recreation)
  • whether your health or wellbeing is at risk because of this
  • what support you already have
  • what further support you need- from other members of the family, the local community, and funded support from the council.

Following your assessment you will be provided with information and advice that is relevant to your situation. If you are have 'eligible needs' under the Care Act, you will be invited to develop a support plan and allocated a personal budget.

Apply for a carer's assessment

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