Receive support in your role as a carer

Greenwich Carers Centre

The Greenwich Carers Centre in Charlton has a team of dedicated and professional support workers who are on hand to support you with any aspect of your caring role. Once registered, you will have a named support worker to advise and support you.

76 Hornfair Road
London, SE7 7BD

Phone: 0300 300 2233

Free personal protective equipment (PPE) for unpaid carers

If you provide personal care for a friend or family member you are now eligible for free PPE. If you are caring for somebody (particularly if they are not in your household), you might want to consider using PPE to protect yourself and the person you are caring for. 

Order your PPE by filling out the online application form. Once you have done this we will contacty you directly to fulfill your order.

Services available in the local area

There are loads of advice and support services, activities and facilities in Greenwich that could help. Some services are specific for carers, others are open for all residents. Take a look at our Greenwich Community Directory to get some ideas.

Things you could do yourself

There may be many things you can do to reduce your stress, keep well and manage the caring role, for example:

  • learning relaxation techniques
  • taking exercise when you can
  • keeping up contact with family and friends.

Things your family, neighbours or friends could do

The person you care for may be able to do more than you thought, it's worth a try because you would be helping them to retain their independence, which helps with wellbeing. Other members of your family or people you are close to may be able to do more, ask them if they can do some specific tasks or give you a break for an hour or two.

Support and care to the person you care for

The Council may provide the person you care for with funding to have care at home (either on a regular basis or from time to time) depending on their needs. There may be a charge for this. If the person you care for receives funding or care, this is likely to help by providing you with a break.

More advice and support for people to live at home