Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following Government guidance, please do not visit our service centres for Council Tax, Benefits or Business Rates enquiries.

Find out about updates to Council Tax services during COVID-19.

If you can't pay your Council Tax

Contact the Council Tax office immediately if you're behind with payment of your Council Tax. We may be able to agree special terms for payment.

It's important to let us know if you're struggling to pay - you could face extra costs and a prison sentence for not paying your Council Tax.

Get help with paying Council Tax

You may be able to claim Council Tax Support if you're on a low income. Check also if you're eligible for a Council Tax discount or exemption.

If you get a summons

If you get a summons for unpaid Council Tax, you must pay it and any associated costs immediately. If you can't pay it, contact the Council Tax office without delay.

If you don't pay, the matter will go to court and a liability order will be granted. This means the Royal Borough of Greenwich can instruct:

  • your employer to take money directly from your earnings
  • Jobcentre Plus to take money directly from your benefit
  • an enforcement agent to collect your debt, which may include seizure of goods from you to sell at auction.

The council can also make:

  • you bankrupt
  • a charging order against your property - this means your house could be sold to recover the arrears.

You must provide details of your work or benefits to the Royal Borough of Greenwich when asked to do so.

If you don't pay before the court date or attend the court summons, the Royal Borough of Greenwich will make a request to the court in your absence to grant a liability order.