Approved list of suppliers

Contractors and consultants are selected to tender for all Royal Borough of Greenwich properties repair, maintenance and construction projects through the government sponsored Constructionline database.

This means that the we no longer maintain our own approved list of contractors for that work.

Visit the Constructionline website

Do I have to register on an accredited database?

Legislation prevents us from insisting that a supplier is registered in an accredited database as a prerequisite for consideration for work opportunities. However, the Constructionline database offers potential advantages for suppliers seeking to extend their work in the public sector.

Sometimes, there may be reasons for not using an accredited supplier. These reasons will be considered on individual merit. Please see our contract standing orders document for more information.

Download the contract standing orders document

Where are the supplier databases?

Access to the Constructionline supplier databases is through a log-in process on the Constructionline website.

If you need help using their website, please contact Constructionline directly.