Overview for suppliers

The Royal Borough of Greenwich provides businesses of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities. The Royal Borough's priority is to secure the best value for money throughout a large and diverse organisation.

When we identify a need to procure, and have set a budget and defined our requirements, we will select the most efficient and cost-effective method of procurement and follow the procurement route appropriate to the value of the purchase.

Businesses wishing to contract with us should have some understanding of the purchasing process and of the procurement core values operating within the Royal Borough, in addition to where they can obtain advice if required.

Our core values

There are several core values that influence our business needs and contribute to our definition of value for money.

Sustainable development

We promote sustainable development through procurement. This means that economic, environmental and social objectives are pursued together.

We will:

  • develop our value for money criteria to take account of short and long-term economic, environmental and social impacts
  • clearly specify the information we want from prospective suppliers, so that we can apply those criteria fairly
  • work with suppliers to identify more sustainable ways of meeting needs
  • welcome innovative solutions from suppliers, including small and medium enterprises
  • support the principles of the Opening Doors charter.

Social inclusion/disadvantage

We take issues of poverty and social disadvantage into account when developing and implementing programmes and in dealings with its partners and the public.

These factors may also be taken into account in our procurement process.

Equal opportunities

We seek to promote equality of opportunity in all of our activities, including procurement of buildings, goods and services. Where relevant, these issues will be specified through our procurement processes.