Ways we deal with anti-social behaviour

There are a number of ways that we can deal with reports of anti-social behaviour. These include:

  • warning letters and interviews, behaviour contracts and neighbour agreements
  • conflict resolution meetings
  • fixed penalty notices and penalty notices for disorder
  • parenting orders and Individual Support Orders
  • noise abatement notices
  • community protection notices
  • injunctions
  • criminal behaviour orders
  • premises closure orders
  • possession proceedings against a tenant.

Depending on the type of action taken, a number of agencies may be involved, including the police, local authorities, registered social landlords, housing trusts and youth offending teams.

Public Space Protection Orders

The Royal Borough of Greenwich can also use Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) to deal with a specific nuisance or problem in the local community. PSPOs place conditions on anyone using the specified area. They are designed to ensure that everyone can use and enjoy public spaces, free from anti-social behaviour.

More information about PSPOs

Report anti-social behaviour

You can help tackle anti-social behaviour by reporting all incidents you witness.

If the behaviour is motivated by prejudice or hatred about personal characteristics, it's hate crime and should be reported to the Police because it is a criminal offence.

Find out how to report hate crime