Conservation areas in Royal Greenwich

Royal Greenwich has 23 conservation areas. These are shown in the list below, which also indicates the areas are covered under specific planning controls, known as article 4 directions.

You can also download maps of each of the conservation areas.

  1. Ashburnham Triangle (article 4 direction applies)
  2. Blackheath
  3. Blackheath Park
  4. Charlton Riverside
  5. Charlton Village
  6. Greenwich Park
  7. Deptford High Street
  8. East Greenwich (two article 4 directions apply)
  9. Eltham Green
  10. Eltham Palace
  11. Goldie Leigh Hospital
  12. Plumstead Common
  13. Progress Estate (article 4 direction applies)
  14. Royal Arsenal Woolwich
  15. Rectory Field (article 4 direction applies)
  16. Shrewsbury Park Estate (article 4 direction applies)
  17. Sun in the Sands
  18. Thames Barrier and Bowater Road
  19. Well Hall Pleasaunce
  20. Westcombe Park
  21. West Greenwich (two article 4 directions apply)
  22. Woolwich
  23. Woolwich Common

We have guidance on conservation area designation, which explains how conservation areas are identified and how community groups can nominate areas for consideration. Our conservation areas are identified using local designation criteria to measure special interest and ensure designations are justified. 

Find out how the Royal Borough designates conservation areas