Contacting departments for a personal search

If you would like to conduct a free personal search and know what information you need, contact the relevant department to make an appointment:

For Local Land Charges and Planning registers search, contact Land Charges.

Specific questions

For specific questions in the CON29R form, please refer to the list below:

Please note: Due to staffing and technical issues, we are currently unable to reply to CON29 requests. We are working on this and hope to be operational in the near future. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Departments index for personal searches in CON29R
CON29R question number Department
1.1 (a) to (e) Planning applications and decisions Planning Reception
1.1 (f) to (h) Building Control applications Building Control
1.2 Planning designations and proposals Planning Reception
2 Roads Highways and Traffic
3.1 Land required for public purposes Property Services
3.2 Land to be acquired for road works Highways and Traffic
3.3 Combined drainage agreements and consents Write to:
Asset Data Services
Thames Water
Blake House
Manor Farm Road
Berkshire RG2 0JN
Drainage and Water searches (Thames Water website)
3.4 Nearby road schemes Highways and Traffic
3.5 Nearby railway schemes Highways and Traffic
3.6 Traffic schemes Highways and Traffic
3.7 Outstanding Notices - part (a) Building Control
3.7 Outstanding Notices - parts (b), (d), (e) and (f) Residential Section
3.7 Outstanding Notices - part (e) Highways and Traffic
3.8 Infringement of building notices Building Control
3.9 Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under Planning acts Planning
3.10 Conservation Areas Refer to conservation areas section of this website
3.11 Compulsory purchase Property Services
3.12 Contaminated land Pollution Section
3.13 Radon gas UK Radon website