Update on paid and personal land searches

Last updated: 03 Feb 2021

Whilst we are still delivering land charge services, we have had to adapt our work practices to ensure that staff can operate safely during the pandemic. Staff are working remotely and only attending the office on ad-hoc basis. Therefore we are no longer able to accept postal applications for searches, neither will we be accepting payments by cheque. Please submit all search requests by email. Payments can be arranged either by credit card or by BACS.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic our office is only open for emergencies and access for critical staff.

We aim to continue doing both fee-paid and personal searches with the limited staffing resources we have. Searches will take longer to process and will be carried out in strict order of when they’re received. 

We will only accept five personal search requests per search agent each day to ensure a fair and equal distribution of council officer time to process searches. Personal search requests of more than five addresses will not be processed and will need to be resubmitted to: Searches@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

It is not possible to visit the Woolwich Centre and inspect the statutory planning register of decisions in person. You can see all planning applications, decisions and appeals online. We will not be able to retrieve any decisions older than 1980 as we do not have staff working in the office on non-critical matters.

Contact land charges

For LLC1/CON29 enquiries email: local-land-charges@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

For highways searches email: highwaysearches@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

For personal searches email: searches@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

For document requests email: documentrequest@royalgreenwich.gov.uk